5 Tips to Packing a Baby Hospital Bag

Packing a hospital bag for your new baby ||

5 tips to not over pack!!

It’s nearing the day for your new little addition. You are super stoked but also have floods of emotion. It’s time to pack a hospital bag and you never want to be empty handed on an item you may need but you also do not want to over pack. How I I have manage to organize my bag.

1. I gave myself a good estimate on how long my hospital stay will be. Due to me having a planned Caesarian birth with a tubal ligation to follow I can expect at least 4 days. So I’ll need 4 days of clothes for my LO.
2. Baby has to eat!! This had me thinking hard about the method in which I choose to feed my LO. With my daughter breastfeeding was a hit and miss; on & off for weeks until I switched to formula. This time around speaking from my own personal attempt to breast feed I have no interest in the breastfeeding department. I’m packing at least 3 bottles, brining formula, and a bottle warmer to the hospital. I’m sure most hospitals have a warmer but that is one of those items you don’t want to be empty handed without.
3. How much diapers should you pack and wipes? Well of course the hospital will have these items but to bringing some is best. I consider the new LO may soil his nappy (diaper) 4 times a day depending on his intake of fluids. A 4 days stay would pack roughly 12-15 diapers and a pack of baby wipes. Again estimating the amount based on stay in the hospital.
4. Other essentials – burp cloths maybe 4 one for each day. A pacifier just to have in hand. From experience with my first born she wanted nothing to do with a pacifier EVER but who knows? Most new borns do not take a pacifier well. But again another item on hand that I feel is a must bring.
5. Leaving the hospital outfit! This outfit is different from the other 4 days. This one is special the one that will probably have the most pictures so make it a cute one with matching hat and shoes/socks. Don’t forget momma spend time on yourself too! The road to recovery is rough but you’ll get there with your newest LO..

Hope these tips help out someone! Congrats on being a mommy!!!


5 Tips to Stop the Whining & Crying

How to stop the 5 year old whining!!

5 tips to hopefully help solve the dilemma.


So just recently my new 5 year old has taken up the habit of crying more when things do not go her way. She also has started whining more than usual. This worries me for a few reasons. One reason being that her little brother is going to be born in 2 months and will she regress? Another reason is the whining drives me nuts and trying to figure out how to gauge her feelings is tough. I’ve jumped into teacher mode with her a few times; to take a step back from mommy mode. Asking her how’s she is feeling, explaining to her that whining, crying, and throwing a fit is not going to get her the outcome she wants. Mommy mode would get more strict attitude and tell her to lock that shit up real quick it’s not necessary.

The last few soccer events she has gotten really upset if she misses a goal or someone steals the ball from her. I’m like hey that’s going to happen, it’s part of the game get back up and keep going. Me and my other half James talked about what we might do to help her stop the crying when she’s not getting her way. Here’s what we came up with.

– Don’t give into the crying. We simply ignore most of it. Unless she is hurt and of course we comfort her in that situation.

– Let her know it’s ok to be upset but it is not ok to cry and whine about everything.

– Give her time outs! Yup, that’s right! Time out, cool the fuck down time.

– Encourage her to keep going, that she is strong.

– Life happens, and we go over how the game is played.

I guess we will keep trying these strategies until they’re broken. Now we just wait and see her emotions once baby brother joins the family.

Any good tips or advice is appreciated. I’ve most likely heard it all but throw it in a comment anyways.

5 Tips to Keep Your Sanity While Pregnant::

5 Tips to Keep Your Sanity While Pregnant::

1|| Don’t listen to people who tell you not to gain a lot of weight. Like, there has to be balance like a cupcake in both hands balance. Listen all women whom are pregnant are going to gain weight it’s what is suppose to happen. Eat healthy if you wish, eat like crap if you wish! Just don’t let anyone guilt you for gaining weight or not gaining enough weight.

2|| Pregnant women know getting ready for anything is like a marathon of events leaving you winded, tired, and thirsty. Shit! Blowing drying my hair is an arm work out that only happens like twice a week. Invest in the get ready quick items as much as possible. Dry shampoo, baby wipes, mouthwash, good body spray etc.

3|| Stop listening to others opinions on how you should or should not raise your child. Especially if the advice is coming from someone whom doesn’t have kiddos. Like we know you’re an aunty and all but you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about unless you’ve been pregnant and have had a kid. The last thing a pregnant women wants is advice from a non parent or know it all.

4|| Indulge! Indulge is something you love at least once a week during your pregnancy. Maybe it’s reading, listening to really loud rap music, sweets, organizing, etc. Whatever it is indulge for your sanity once a week.

5|| Last tip on keeping your sanity. Sleep as much as possible. I know, I know easier said than done! Trust me I am right there with you. Between the nightly bathroom trips, rotating from side to side, and the snoring partner in bed it feels like sleep is untouchable. Invest in a maternity pillow of some sort. It definitely helps with catching some ZZZ’s. Sleeping is a must! Or pregnancy, soon to be Mommy Monster will come out and let’s face it; it’s not a pretty picture.

The Struggle is Real|| Working Mommy

The working mom, the mom that misses the important moments!!

I’m that mommy. I work 40+ hours a week at my job and some days I hate it, let me change that most days I fucking hate it !! Some days it’s just ok. If it wasn’t for my co-workers I’d loose my shit !!! This goes to say that I’ve been a working mom for the 5 years my LO has been growing. She is just now starting all the fun stuff. She’s in soccer, starting Head Start. Growing up way too fast!! I’m missing it all!!

I so badly want to not work but I also like money!! A lot!! I like to help provide for our growing family and have no guilt going shopping, buying necessities, and indulging. My fiancé James and I have always went 50||50 on everything financially, parenting, life etc! We are a team and we make up 100%.

I just hate missing her soccer games on Saturdays, first day of school etc. I know being a working mom is hard!! I know being a stay at home mom is hard!! Shit, just being any kind of mom is hard!! I need to find balance! So badly I want to work from home. I want to make a substantial income from home so I do not have to be away from the kiddos. It’s all a work in progress.

Tips? Help? Insight?

Baby Shower Update

I’m going to start this off with how pleased and successful the baby shower was. My sister (Lily) and I stayed up nearly to 11:00pm the night prior getting everything perfect for the next day. We spent a good amount of time making a balloon arch. It was the first attempt at this. I thought for sure it was going to be a total Pinterest fail! However, it turned out perfectly. All of the other pieces of decor just ended up flowing together nicely as well.

The next day was here (Baby Shower Day) people began to arrive and it was a hit! We received many compliments on the decor and that made my heart extremely happy! I have some plans for the future with my sister (Lily) for Event planning & Decor. Stay tuned to see what we get into!!

Attached are some pictures of the Baby Shower! 💙

How to Manage Your Kiddos Disappointment

How to Manage Your Kiddos Disappointment::

Kids Starting Kindergarten. My LO did not make the birthday cut off day of age 5 by or on August 28th for our desired district.

Let me start this off by saying the last few days with my LO have been a bit difficult. She is a brand new 5 year old; the cut off for Kindergarten in our area was almost two weeks before her 5th Birthday. The hard part is her seeing all of her friends going to Kindergarten and she’s not. She had seen a few of her friends first day pictures. She then became really down on herself. This of course breaks my heart. She stated I don’t like school! I want to be 4 years old again! She has been acting out a little more than usual as well.

I think this has a little bit to do with expectations set on kids at such an early age. Like we all want our kiddos to grow up to be productive, kind, and successful people for our society. However, I believe she feels the need to be doing things she may not be ready for or is influenced by social media and YouTube. She feels like she should be able to tie her shoes at 5, know how to do all kinds of math, read books, and much more. When in reality all she wants to do at 5 years old is play. I’ve come to the conclusion to set reasonable goals and expectation for her age. I try to explain to her that she doesn’t have to be the 8 year old she seen on the Disney channel. But it’s hard to convince a 5 year old. I do a times let her just deal with the disappointment because honestly I cannot handle it all of the time. I think it’s natural for her to have these moments to prepare her for the future of disappointment, after disappointment. Again, I believe the expectations for young children are the extreme now a-days. Let children be children for it only last a short time.

Back to Izzys story… Well today we got the good news that she got accepted into the Head Start program she was wait listed for. Thank the heavens! I guess I’m still conflicted of sorts on how to help her through times when her friends or older peers are doing things before her because she has a later birthday. I went into explaining to her that her birthday comes later and her friends are a bit older but she really doesn’t understand the logistics of it. Any thoughts on how to approach this for the future?? I have linked an article that helps during these types of situations. Just weighing in on others thoughts and topics?


Baby Shower Chaos

Baby Shower:

Let me just tell you that it’s Baby Shower week for me. I’m the kind of Mommy that is planning my own shower. It’s nuts! I’d be lying if I said that I bite off a little more than I’d like. But, I’m also the kind of Mommy who does not want to put others out of their comfort zones to please me, spend their money, and throw me showers of any kind. (I’m simple that way.)It’s great having a baby shower thrown for you don’t get me wrong!!! However, it’s only great when it is voluntary. Let’s face it even sometimes when it is voluntary you still have that knit picky thoughts in your mind of how you would have done it instead or maybe better. I am all about that DIY life. Pinterest is my online best friend website platform. Check me out here (plug 😊) My_nesting_grounds https://www.pinterest.com/casseycurrent/

… All the Baby Shower DIY projects an expecting Mommy could dream of…

Back on topic… Now I’m 7 months pregnant and about to try my first attempt at a ballon arch come Sunday and let’s just all 🙌🏻 balloons aren’t popping like crazy or this preggers Mommy might just loose her shit!! Wish me luck! I’ll post pictures of the outcome. In the meantime check out some of these DIY pins I’m going to attempt.